About Tyndall

Founded in 2017, Tyndall is a forward-looking, dynamic investment management company with a sole focus: to provide genuine high-conviction, active management for our clients.

In an industry that is unrelenting in its drive towards benchmarking, standardisation, and defensive M&A, we have made it our purpose to provide a differentiated investment experience for individuals and firms.

We look beyond the mainstream to provide a broader perspective and wider investment opportunities. Unshackled by typical company bureaucracy, which prioritises corporate convenience ahead of client outcomes, we offer open and honest relationships with the people managing your money.

Our Approach

Our fund managers and investment managers are not constrained or restricted in how they invest – we have no ‘house view’ or centralised investment outlook that seeks to produce a standardised set of investments. Instead, our investment approach is based on core values that are fundamental to everything we do, combined with conviction investing and individual accountability from each investment manager.

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We have an open and transparent approach to managing investments and take care to explain what we are doing, and the likely outcomes for your savings and/or investments.
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We are 100% employee owned with no external or dominant shareholders and no demands to deliver targets, meaning everyone is fully aligned.
Personal Accountability
Investment Professionals are wholly accountable - you know who is investing your money. We make our own decisions and are proud to take responsibility for them.
No “House View”
Each investment decision is made by the individual managing your money, not by an unaccountable committee, Chief Investment Officer or Chief Economist.
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Our People
Tyndall is built upon a team of individuals with years of industry experience at the highest-level. Having previously worked at household name firms, each individual has come to Tyndall to be able to express their conviction freely in order to optimise client outcomes.

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